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Getting Your Homebirth Covered By An HMO
Books and other links and resources
My second birth story
My first birth story
Letter to hospital after 1st birth
Other Links, Books & resources
1st letter to med director of IPA
2nd letter to grieveance dept of HMO
HMO grievance panel presentation
DMHC complaint letter
Thoughts after presentation to panel

Helpful Links:

More tips on getting ins coverage for homebirth from

Another womans letter to her ins. co. asking for coverage of birth center fees

California Patients Guide- From the foundation for taxpayers and consumers rights

CA Department of Managed Healthcare

California Association of Midwives

Medical Board of CA - explains midwives

Nurse Midwifery Services in Placentia, CA

Southcoast Midwifery-Irvine, CA

Natural Woman Midwifery- CNM, LA area

Anne Sommers-Licensed Midwife So. CA area, She does VBAC's too!

American College of Nurse Midwives

ICAN-International Cesarean Awareness Network

Mothering Magazine (and website) Great info and forums about homebirth. This is where I started out my search for info. & Global Maternal/Child Health Association

Doulas of North America

The Bradley Method of Natural (husband coached) Childbirth

Birthing from within

Helpful/Interesting Books:

Obstetrical Myths and Research Realities- Henci Goer

Hard Labor- Susan Diamond RN- an interesting personal journey and details of what happens in maternity wards

Gentle Birth Choices (the video Is AWESOME)- Barbara Harper RN, CNM

Anything by Shiela Kitzinger

Birthing from Within-Pam England and Rob Horowitz- At first I thought this was total mumbo jumbo, but it really is helpful for the emotional/psychological aspects of pregnancy & birth.